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King of Kings Investors
In Business Since 2009



What sets us apart from all other financial service companies is our integrity and the amount of time it takes to meet the needs of our clients.

Unlike other financial companies, there are no hassles or delays with paperwork! Our goal is to maximize our clients potential to become financially free. And that's how we're building wealth with integrity!



We help families and seniors increase their potential to create wealth as well as the lifestyle they truly desire. We also help displaced home makers, single parents, and  teens with challenged behaviors to find their rightful place in society with a team effort by supporting other charitable organizations as well as churches in our local community.


"For each one, we can reach one!"




Our mission is to establish relationships with individuals whose common goal is to help the local community, church, state and nation to build wealth with integrity.



To help individuals get on the road to financial freedom by encouraging the masses to raise their financial IQ. Together we can help those interested in learning how to use practical tools such as; credit, financing, investments, and real estate to maximize one's ability to earn passive income frequently & easily in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.


King of Kings Humanitarian Foundation, Inc - "We're Helping to Make Your Dreams Come True!"

Tammy 2017_edited.jpg
Tammy Robinson, CEO 

Founder of KOK Investors / KOK  Humanitarian Foundation, INC.

Specializes in global investments, credit, real estate and financial services education. I am a motivational speaker and educator in helping individuals enhance personal development skills. 

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